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Original Logo Grey Tee


There’s a SIZZLETOWN logo T-shirt in grey! That black one is all very well, but sometimes you’re in a grey T-shirt mood, aren’t you? (I assume you are. How would I know? I’m just a paragraph that has probably been composed by Chatbot.) Whether you’re attending a shock jock’s gaudy wedding, arguing with an unexpected item in your supermarket’s bagging area, or simply shelving a Cornetto on a sultry afternoon, you’ll look both well informed and fashionable in this exclusive slate-coloured tee. [Chatbot out.]

S - (W) 46 / (H) 72.5
M - (W) 51 / (H) 74.5
L - (W) 56 / (H) 77.5
XL - (W) 61 / (H) 80.5
2XL - (W) 66 / (H) 83.5 [sold out]
3XL - (W) 72 / (H) 84
4XL - (W) 77 / (H) 87
5XL - (W) 82 / (H) 90

No returns, please check above sizes before purchasing. All prices listed plus GST.

****Sizzle Merchants outside of Australia, contact us for international shipping costs prior to purchase.

  • Image of Original Logo Grey Tee
  • Image of Original Logo Grey Tee