• Image of Official Logo Socks

Always wanted to use your ankles to declare allegiance to your favourite podcast? Then official SIZZLETOWN socks are just the ticket! Proper socks, but with the SIZZLETOWN logo snaking around them like some sort of podcast-themed anklet, these are the very ones Clive Howlett was wearing when he was rear-ended on the South-Eastern while eating some chips from a bag. Now when a prospective lover lowers their gaze and says, ‘What are those on your feet?’, you’ll be able to look them in the eye and say, ‘They’re SIZZLETOWN socks, what does it f**king look like?’ Obviously, the mood in the boudoir will then turn frosty, but at least your feet will be both toasty warm and fashionable.

One size available (fits sizes 8 - 11).

Material: Cotton, Poly Cotton, Spandex

Sizzle Merchants outside of Australia, contact us for international shipping costs prior to purchase.