• Image of Official Original Logo Black Hoodie (ONLY 1 SMALL REMAINING!)

The most sought-after fashion item of the Covid-19 era! At last, there’s a jet-black hoodie with the SIZZLETOWN logo on it. Whether you’re breaching the lockdown laws to visit your long-term mistress, popping out for 1000 rolls of toilet tissue, or merely taking part in a mass demonstration to protest that unnecessary apostrophe on the ‘8-dollar Parma’s’ sign at your local boozer, you’ll look sharp as a pre-sharpened tack in a genuine SIZZLETOWN hoodie – as worn by Matt Dower when he filled in for one of the Sleaford Mods during their recent Melbourne gig. (amazingly, no footage or even a single eye-witness account of this exists.)

S - (W) 53 / (H) 66

No returns, please check above sizes before purchasing.

****Sizzle Merchants outside of Australia, please contact us for international shipping costs prior to purchase.

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