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Let’s face it, our feathered friends have had it too good for too long. At least, that’s the oft-stated view of SIZZLETOWN regular The Pikelet Man (Tony’s cat.) True, his failure to catch a single bird due to their annoying habit of ‘flying away’ may have sparked this controversial opinion, but the result is another stylish SIZZLETOWN tee. Let people know what you think of these avian frauds, and look good while you’re doing it. As The Pikelet Man says, the only place for ‘bird’ is on a delicious parma (not that he’ll be getting one of his own any time soon).

Width / Height in cms.

S - (W) 46 / (H) 72.5
M - (W) 51 / (H) 74.5
L - (W) 56 / (H) 77.5
XL - (W) 61 / (H) 80.5
2XL - (W) 66 / (H) 83.5
3XL - (W) 72 / (H) 84
4XL - (W) 77 / (H) 87

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  • Image of ‘BIRDS ARE DUMB!’ Black Tee